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Help Epic not connecting to laptop via USB


Jan 7, 2011
A couple of weeks ago my epic stopped connecting to my laptop... i have no idea why. Ive tried multiple different computers, different usb cords, checked my usb debugging, downloaded samsung driver for windows 7 none of it helps... there used to be a notification pop up which let me select if i wanted to do a mass storage or just charge my phone, now nothing.... any ideas?
This is the HTC Eris forum, not the Epic forum. You may want to ask there.

It sounds as if you have done everything I would have tried. I try to use either a short USB cable that I know works with an external drive, or one that has one of those fat magnetic toroids on the device end - they always seem to work for me.

Perhaps the last resort is a factory reset and see if it works? Anyway, I would ask on the Epic forum; perhaps this is a known issue with the Epic?
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