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Epic now FREE online too.

if you want a keyboard you should do it

best keyboard of any phone out right now if u ask me

I've heard this over and over about the Epic keyboard, and it puzzles me. But keep in mind, this is the only smartphone keyboard I've ever used. The keys seem to be too flat - maybe they have to be for it to slide in - I don't know. But the physical sensation and movement of typing on the Epic keyboard is one of locating the key, pressing it, and having it do nothing, and then having to press down further, like going down into a well, in order for the key to register, to actually "click". This secondary action very often registers unintended presses of nearby keys. If you've ever punched a manual voting ballot with a pin, that is exactly the same physical sensation as typing on the Epic keyboard - and just about as fast. It has no "feel", no "action", no "speed". I think it's horrible.:rolleyes:
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