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The Eris is added to the "select a free second phone" section once you select the Droid or Eris.

It's not really a BOGO deal. You "get" the opportunity to sign up for a second line of service with a free phone. Seeing as how WalMart/LetsTalk was offering the Eris at $30 with no activation fee less than three days ago, this is actually a worse deal.

It would seem to be an indicator that the nonsense promotional barrage has worn out it's welcome. Family-share-willing customers are a distinctly different market set from the gadget-obsessed who jumped in on the Droid.

Now I'm hoping that we'll see $149 Droids in the post-holiday sales instead of $179.
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Verizon's Link: The Best Destination For Holiday Gifts

Looks like it's for reals! The flash shows some phones and the HTC Droid Eris has the words "Buy one, get one free!"...and then in small print, "With new 2-year activation..." etc.

But interestingly, there's no Motorola Droid...only the HTC Ozone, Eris, Imagio, and Samsung Omnia....

I just got off the phone with VZW and they couldn't give me my refund back for one of the two Eris' that I picked up last week yet. He said try calling back tomorrow since he didn't even know about this promotion yet.

Update: Called VZW this morning and they credited $99 back into the billing account for the second HTC Eris. Yes!
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