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Eris Not Starting


Mar 7, 2010
I've had the phone only a couple of days. I disabled Sense UI (I was just messing around) and then I wanted to get Sense UI back so I went to the HOME under manage applications and chose to force quit and then selected HTC sense as my default. Well Sense wouldnt start back because it kept giving me this problem: process com.htc.launcher has stopped. So I restarted it thinking that maybe if I just rebooted the phone it would work. Well it didn't, instead after the little android guy popped up and the htc logo comes on, it just stays there. I don't know what to do?
Well, I've pulled the battery and it did the same thing. So I tried doing a hard reset with these instructions:

Perform a hard reset on your HTC Droid Eris. These steps will clear all data and settings off the device.

1. With the phone turned off, press and hold the Volume Down and Send buttons.

2. Press the Power button.

3. Follow the instructions to complete the hard reset

But it's taking me to a white screen with these options: Fastboot, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock. I've tried both the fastboot and recovery and then it takes me to a black screen with a white triangle and in that triangle it has an orange exclamation point (which I'm sure isn't good)
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So it never came back on and I tried to do a hard reset again and this time it worked. Sorry to have bothered you guys! Thanks for the input.

Good deal. If you didn't mess around with it prior to it acting up, you can take to VZW and make them fix it. Just for future reference. If it doesn't respond after a few generic battery pulls and a soft slap on the back, then just take it in and let them deal with it.
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