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Help Eris touchscreen doesn't work properly


Android Enthusiast
Apr 22, 2010
S Cal
Eris, unrooted, firmware 2.1

This is a "retread" Eris from craigslist, bought as a mini-tablet (wifi only). It's cosmetically fine, BUT:

The touchscreen is wonky. For example, in MARKET, nothing will make the little magnifying glass in the upper right corner do anything. And the keyboard isn't accurate - with some keys I must hunt around for the sweet spot.

I've done some hard reboots, same result.

The good news about the market magnifying glass is that you can just use the search soft button on the bottom to do the same thing.

Digitizer problems, though, hmmm. What happens, say, using the keyboard turned landscape? Any better? There is also using the HTC keyboard in compact qwerty mode, which will increase the size of the keys to press.
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