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Root Eris wont activate - antenna replaced by x


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Feb 16, 2010
Hoping I just did something stupid, rooted my old eris, played around with xtrsense for a while and it sat in a drawer for even longer since I typically carry the Dinc....well then I wanted to try a froyo rom on it so downloaded and installed KaosFroyo on it, then I got sidetracked and it sat in the drawer again until I wanted to use it at work to test lotus traveler on android and here is where the fun starts.
The Eris won't activate, its like the radio will not even turn on. The signal bars just have a little x by them, no matter what rom I throw on there or nand backup I use its like the radio is borked? Any ideas on how to fix? am I missing a radio update from somewhere?
then fail #2 I can't find my password to download the android traveler beta now anyway...grrrrr

Oh well thanks in advance for the help.

edit: I just tried flashing a different radio still doing the same thing. I'm confused
i tried toggling airplane mode before, so tried Alleycat's suggestions and nothing. tells me I'm out of service area, but I assure you i am not and the radio just wont turn on?

Did I miss it? (Yes, I did, I need to read more carefully - LOL)

So, here's the deal. Loading ROMs does not alter the activation status of the phone. So long as you do not perform a "factory reset" - initiated from within a STOCK 2.1 ROM with a STOCK recovery partition on the phone, the activation status of the phone will not change.

OTOH, adding a new phone to the same service can definitely change things from the carrier side of things.

If you want to resolve the problem, I would try three things:

1) Turn the new phone off, wait a couple, and try activating the Eris via *228

if that doesn't work,

2) Install a 2.1 near-stock ROM (e.g. Ivan's or PlainJane) and repeat the *228 experiment. (This is because people have reported mixed results attempting activation with Froyo or other dev ROMs).

if that doesn't work,

3) Roll the phone back to complete stock, and call Big Red (after trying the *228 experiment again). Don't mention rooting, just tell them the phone has sat unused for some time, and you would like to be able to switch back and forth between your two phones. (Rooting the Eris is easy these days, so unrooting is more or less risk-free, other than the time involved.)

IIRC, several to many people have reported that they can readily switch between two or more phones on the same service, but they have to make sure that "the other one" is off when they activate the one they want to use next - I guess that means that they constantly need to go through the activation process on each phone as they go back and forth between them.

It could just be that because your phone sat for so long the ESN/Account association got deleted out of VZW's databases - but I would take the Froyo ROM out of the picture if you are going to deal with VZW in a non-automated fashion.

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Phone is inactive, I tried to activate yesterday for an experiment with notes traveler and couldn't get past the activate screen. First ruu I tried to download wouldn't run so ill try again. Not worried about root, that's simple, just don't feel like dealing with VZW, the phone is in great shape.

edit: ok even an RUU didn't change a thing? oh well I guess I'll run it back to the verizon store and see what they say.
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the eris' radio was updated back in july and i dont know if updating it (if you havent already) will fix the issue you are having, but that is what i would try.

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this is one link i found to it. from my understanding to install this non-OTA you just have to download it, put it on your sdcard and flash it from recovery. be careful when doing this because i think there have been reports of radio flashes bricking phones.
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Well tried radio updates and finally ran the RUU, still the same thing so I'm thinking it doesnt have anything to do with ROM's or whatever and is most likely hardware.
I kept it around just for the reason erisuser mentioned, when I'm going to be somewhere that is "bad" for phones like a boat or whatever I'd *228 and use the eris for a day or two. but didn't work this time, wife's old eris activated perfectly.
Oh well off to the vzw store, or i might just call it in.
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My money is still on something which happened on the carrier side of things.

Let us know what happens, in any event.

Also, (if you haven't already gone to the VZW store), you could try a factory reset followed by the *228... now that you have the stock recovery on the phone as a result of the RUU, the FR will clear the old activation data. Maybe that could make a difference, dunno.

You might also be able to get the whole thing done by dialing 611 (on the working phone, natch), and save yourself the store visit.

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yeah tried all that, so I took it to the vzw store a buddy of mine works at, he did the manual programming, rebooted it and it went through!
So...not sure how or why it happened, i did use it for a while strictly on wifi but it had been activated after that, as I stated it was after the kaos froyo v34 I think was loaded, but the phone sat around after that and i never activated on that ROM so..... Can't really blame Kaos, who knows, I have 3 kids maybe I left a programming menu open on it and they fudged something in there and something got re-written in the epst menu's I guess? In any case if someone needs it I'm sure the instructions to manually program are either here or on hofo. ##778 000000 gets you into the menus from there I'd need instructions but that seems to have fixed it! which is good I've never had any issues with this Eris didn't want a refurb.

edit: one thing i just thought of after its all fixed now that I didnt try, and that was to manually push a known good prl to it? could have been one of the roms I loaded had a corrupt prl built in or something? Just one more thing to try before wiping your phone and taking back to VZW. I didnt care since this is my spare, if I had to wipe the dinc i may cry ;)
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