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errors mounting sd card


Dec 3, 2009
*i know about the notification to select "mount" or "don't mount"*

whenever i connect my phone to my laptop via usb, it shows up as removable drive:f. i pull down the notification of a usb connection, and select "mount", yet when i double-click on the drive in windows explorer it gives me the message "please insert a disk into drive:f"

after powering cycling the phone, i repeated the steps and received an error message saying that the drive couldn't be accessed because of an "I/O Error".

what can i do?
There is another possible problem, that's Window's related (go figure). Before you plug in the phone to the computer do a 'safely disconnect USB devices' in Windows. Check to see if there is already and F drive showing. Windows will often 'remember' that you had something different plugged in as F, and it gets confused when a different device shows up as F. I've had this happen fairly often on my computer (I use several different USB drives).
This may or may not be your problem, but it's worth checking.
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one question is your pc usb 1.5 or 2.0 androids have big issues with 1.5. other than that windows is always the problem with droids not connecting.

actually, that was exactly the problem. i was having the problem on my 5 year old laptop with usb 1.5, but here on this newer desktop it works perfectly!

now my only question is what folder to put music files in... :)
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im having a problem maybe someone can help me. reading the above replies no one has my same issue. i just bought a new class 6 16 gig sd card to exchange it out for the standard 8 gig class 2. so i copied all of my files from the 8 to my computer. then i put the new card in and immediately it says damaged sd card you should reformat. ((thinking thats because its new and there is nothing on it for the phone to read)) then i formatted and same thing. so i plug my phone in to mount it so i can copy and paste the stuff on and what do you know the option for mount just isnt there. i rooted the phone with 2.1 and have done this with another sd card as well for my friend and never have i encountered this problem. only gives me the option to charge or outlook sync. not mount. any ideas?
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When I switched to a 16GB, mine did the same thing. I set it aside for a while, thinking it really was bad and needed to be exchanged. When the second 2.1 leak came out, the 16GB was the only card I could find.

What the heck, give it a shot, right? Worked, and is working, perfectly. No idea what, if anything I changed. I fix computers for a living, and have seen way too may times where storage devices sometimes just need a "time out"
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