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Everything but facebook


May 7, 2015
Thank you for a very informative website. I have come here a few times and found the information I needed to fix problems that I have probably caused myself, but this one has me baffled.

My wife has a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 that she uses daily for taking pictures, Facebook, and games. I am not notebook friendly.

Last night, she told me she could not connect to Facebook. I checked to see that she was connected to the router and went further and accessed many websites that she normally doesn't on her tablet. Every time I would try to connect to Facebook I would get the message that there was no connection.

I went to my PC and accessed her account with no problem.

A couple of minutes ago, I turned on her Tablet to get the exact message to post here, and it accessed Facebook immediately. Nothing changed except the Tablet was turned off and charging all night.

I am old and confused ;-(

Other than advice to "Step away from the internet", does anyone have insight into this?

It's not uncommon for a device to get some stuck bits in RAM. It's not terribly common either but it happens.

If I had to bet, I'd say that's what happened and a long time powered off cleared it. Same fix can be had more quickly by removing the battery for 60 seconds on devices with user-removable batteries or a power reset on devices that have fixed batteries.

I haven't had to do it in a year but there's proof - mobile devices are very good but not perfect, regardless of who makes them.

Welcome to the forums! :)
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