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samsung galaxy note 10.1

  1. F

    No Boot Following New Battery

    Hi, Newbie here. I have just replaced the battery in my Samsung Note 10.1 for the first time. I followed a video on You Tube. Now when I switch it on I just get the first Samsung logo and it won't boot. Also it won't charge up. I just get the grey battery logo. Can anyone offer any help...
  2. A

    Change default browser

    On my friends Note 10.1, O S 4.1.2, the stock browser seems to be tbe default. I cannot find this browser in Application Manager. So how can I can force it to close so that I can use Chrome ad the default browser?
  3. Okiteru

    USB Security

    So on 21st of August 2015 I got my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. There we're NO problems at all. After an update I noticed there was a new home screen and alot of ads. I used an app called Ad Network Detector to uninstall USB Security. After another update USB security was still there, this time...
  4. Android News

    CyanogenMod 13 Nightlies come to Verizon's Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note II

    CyanogenMod's latest ROM, version 13, has been in the "Nightly" status for quite some time, but it has just made its way to Verizon Wireless' Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and Galaxy Note 2. If you're trying to keep your devices up to date, and quick, this is a great way to do it.
  5. Android News

    CyanogeMod 13 nightlies come to AT&T and Sprint Galaxy S4, Verizon's HTC One M9, and Galaxy Note 10

    New phones are getting CyanogenMod 13 nightlies, which brings them the earliest form of the Marshmallow-based ROM. Those phones are Sprint and AT&T's Galaxy S4 variants, the Verizon HTC One M9, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with LTE.
  6. DonB

    Root Wanting to root my Neigbors Note 10.1 N 8013 2012 Edition !!

    My neighbor wants me to root his Galaxy Note 10.1 N8013 2012 edition, before doing this, any advice, on which method is best, and which Roms are recommended ??
  7. Q

    Please check password lock screen

    Can somebody please check what the criteria for the lock screen password is please. Does it require a symbol A number Lower case Upper case How many characters I've forgotten my lockscreen password and I've tried all my passwords. The criteria might help me remember what I changed.
  8. A

    what is the eye icon for?g

    There is the time, then something that looks like an eye with 3 eyelashes then the icon to say I am on the internet. Thanks Galaxy note 10.1 old edition
  9. J

    Help Malware part of the OS? - Reformat not deleting APPs that install themselves.

    My 5 year old did it. I booted up the tablet yesterday which hasn't happened in weeks. Greeted by a host of unsavory apps and it looked like more were loading themselves. Tablet was so locked up I couldn't reset from the reset menu so I used the power button + volume button reset. Machine reset...
  10. R

    Is my 10.1 outdated?

    Hello! I got a Note 10.1 a few years ago as a gift and have barely used it since. I turned it on now and updated it, it's version 4.1.2. Even though it's the newest update for this tablet, is it outdated compared to the new Samsung tablets on the market? Im debating on selling this one and...
  11. S

    Root Giving up hope for an update to my 8013

    I've been pretty happy with my stock 4.1.2 8013 until my Directv App stopped working. Seems the newly updated app requires Android 4.2 or higher. I've been looking through XDA for a suitable ROM to flash, but it appears most of the developers are doing 5.1 ROMS which seem to be pretty much...
  12. V

    Help Tablet Samsung 10.1, after factory reset it still not working

    Hello, I have a samsung galaxy note 10.1 . The tablet is used by many students. After making a factory reset the tablet is stiil not working. Every time I try to turn it on it keeps stopping services for apps that are not even installed. It doesnt let you do nothing because it has this app...
  13. R

    Help Wallpaper

    Why does the black bar take up almost half my home screen wallpaper on my Galaxy Note 10.1? Does it have something to do with screen resolution?
  14. N

    Accessories Stylus for Note taking

    Does anyone check this forum anymore? I'm looking for a good stylus/pen to be used for note taking. The spen is just a little thin. Any suggestions?
  15. A


    How do I tell it, that when I ask for an incognito tab it opens my home page? Then I wont get targetted ads. Thanksgiving
  16. B

    Help Not charging?

    Hello! So I made this account to ask about this problem. A few months ago, my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 started charging more slowly. I tried charging in longer periods and that worked for a while, but then it just wouldn't charge anymore; it's been sitting in my closet for two months. All the...
  17. The FlyerFly

    Help Cannot screen mirror with Roku 3

    Strange. Whenever I try to enable the screen mirroring option between my Note 10.1 and my Roku 3, I get what looks like the beginning of the connection process. I turn on AllShare Cast on the tablet, which will then show that is connected to the Roku. The Roku will sometimes get as far as the...
  18. MarianMarian

    Root Can not install any firmware on GT-N8010

    Hi everyone I've hope that you can help me. I've got Tablet Samsung Galaxy GT-N8010 . An when I go to download mode there is something like that : Odin Mode PRODUCT NAME : GT-N8010 CURRENT BINARY : Samsung Official SYSTEM STATUS : Official RP SWREV: A2 I try many solutions , try with another...
  19. L

    Help from there on I am lost and i cannot use two windows[apps] in one screen mode like before?

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2012-2013) I have this tablet, all well and good till upgraded to 4.4.2. from there on I am lost and i cannot use two windows[apps] in one screen mode like before? Is it still exist this functionality?
  20. Osideman

    Help Unable to move apps to micro sd

    Hey all...I looked around the site but couldn't find anything about this: GN 10.1 2013 First install of a new micro sd card. Formatted and thought ready to go. Tried All-in-One Toolbox and Apps2sd and same results. After each individual app comes up, there is no "move to sd" to click on. Any...
  21. C

    Help Power button isn't working anymore?

    Hello, my power button isn't working since a week or two - not terrible currently. But once in a while I'd like to restart my phone. And since I thought about that it might be nice to be able to switch it on after the battery dyed out in case that happens. It's not rooted. Can I do this...
  22. L

    Help Trouble charging battery

    Hi. My battery won't charge when I connect charger I get a red cross over battery symbol. Any ideas? Nearly out of battery. Battery about one and a half years old
  23. O

    Help Incredible gaming performance when 5% battery or less

    Device: Samsung Galaxy GT-N8010 Android version: 4.1.2 I was playing First Touch Soccer on my tablet when the battery reached it´s last 5% charge. I guess for battery saving purposes the android disables many features for running on that last chunk of energy for as long as possible, giving the...
  24. mrrdaniels

    Help Xposed Installer

    Hi Is the Xposed Installer compatible with a Rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Gt-N8010 on Android 4.1.2; Rom is Omega V 2.1 - XXCMA5 Has anyone had experience with this configuration and whether or not I could Brick the device? I have had no luck researching the web... Thanks Marty
  25. S

    wifi connection problem

    hi i have a samsung note 10.1, last night i master reset my device but unfortunately after completion of reset i m unable to conect my note with wifi. i tried a lot but its always come up with error....could any body help me?