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EVO 4G - Battery underwhelming?

My other phones are a blackberry curve and a motorola droid

After finding settings that work for me, the blackberry is getting retired for the evo when my free month of service runs out.

Caveat - I don't use 4 hours of talktime in a day! I prefer email and taking google voice transcriptions to then reply to.

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I have no problem with the OP...just pointing out how one review (in this case, WSJ) get repeated and repeated and linked and re-posted and suddenly becomes fact.

I'm sure the time is not as good as I'd like but I bet it ain't as bad as some worry about. Still better to be able to change the battery, though. Lots of my firends' iPhones run out as well (although admittedly due in part to the gimping of that phone, it's battery lasts a while).
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