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Evo newb. Question about costs of phone and extras


Jul 23, 2010
I am currently on tmobile using a vibrant. The bugs with the vibrant are starting to bug me, and there is no where else to go to for tmobile.
I am thinking about going to sprint for the EVO. I will have to figure out a way to get out of my tmobile contract, (hasn't been 14 days) if anyone wants to help me with ideas.
my main question is, is it true that you have to pay an extra $10 a month for the Evo? I don't have 4G in my area, do I still have to pay for it? What kind of deals can I get from sprint for a new contract? Can I keep my same number?
Well I don't think I can get out of my tmobile contract. I dont think they have the thing where you can cancel a contract within a certain period. Like sprint has I think...

I had a brief stint with tmobile and they give you two weeks(sucky in my opinion) compared to the 30 days that the top 3 networks give you

Everything that everybody stated above is true

except the 10 dollars is worth thing...it's only worth it if you have 4g in your area but they are quickly expanding it.

Just make sure with sprint you have good coverage before fully committing to them. I made the mistake of basing sprint on one area and had an incredibly miserable experience for two months

Good luck(I am surprised you have issues with the Vibrant...it's a lovely phone
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Ugh.. sure about not being able to cancel within 14 days or something with T-Mobile?

I know Sprint is cheaper than T-Mobile, even with the $10 extra fee.

Anytime a sales person in one of those cell phone kiosks try to sell me T-Mobile, Verizon or AT&T, first thing I ask them is, "Can you match Sprint's price and plans" .. their response, "Have a nice day!"

I'm searching T-Mobile's web site for ya, not much luck. I'd go back to where you got it and ask. Make up a lie.. someone died in fam, have to pay for funeral .. something..

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4. * Cancellation and Returns. Service Cancellation: You can cancel a new line of Service without paying an Early Termination Fee if you cancel WITHIN 14 DAYS of activating a new line of Service (30 days in California; other states may differ – ask your sales representative) (“Cancellation Period”). You remain responsible for all Charges incurred through the date of cancellation. To cancel Service during the Cancellation Period, you may be required to go to the place where you activated Service and return any T-Mobile Device you acquired at the time of activation. If you do not return your T-Mobile Device, we may prevent it from working on any network, and we may elect not to process your Service cancellation or you may be charged the suggested retail price of the T-Mobile Device, (which may be greater than the price you paid), plus any shipping and handling charges. Device Refunds: For T-Mobile Device and accessory returns and exchanges, see the applicable return policy, which is available at your place of purchase. Some T-Mobile Devices and accessories may not be refunded or exchanged, and you may be required to pay a restocking fee.

As far as price/cost of plans, run through the Sprint web site like you're going to sign up and see what it tells you it would cost.. do same for TMobile, and Verizon.

And yes, Sprint is still true unlimited (not tiered, not capped) data. I'm actually in a hotel and have used 437mb of data since 10:30pm last night.. was streaming Big Brother 12 live :D lol

Anyway, I would have left Sprint years ago for a better phone ... what has kept me with Sprint is they have always been cheaper every month. Finally paid off with the EVO. Which, in my opinion, is sitting neck and neck with the iPhone 4 and Droid X - but with a cheaper plan, 4G, and a bigger screen than the iPhone.. so, in my head, it's so much better. :D

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The $10 fee also unlocks that true unlimited data. It removes the 5gb cap that many carriers have had on their "unlimited" plans for the longest time. I'm using 5-10x more data than I have ever used before, around 7-10gb/month... and I'm not doing a particularly large amount of data intensive stuff like streaming video and tethering. Although I suppose streaming the high quality audio from pandora can rack up some data usage after a few hours a day.
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Ok along the same lines here...when I show my EVO to people at work, they always say, "Wow! Umm, how much are your monthly bills with that thing?" And I have to answer, I have no idea. First my wife does all the bills, yes yes, I know. :) Secondly, we have a family plan with 6 phones on one bill, so I really can't help these people in figuring out how much it would cost THEM to switch to Sprint with the EVO.

Any chance, someone here could outline a single account monthly bill, with unlimited everything, so I could print it out and just hand them a copy. :)
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darn. I called tmobile 611 and they told me I was locked into a contract because I actually did an upgrade because I had a contract a long time ago, it expired, and I had been doing their month to month plans until I just now got on contract. Also I put in for a corporate discount which for some reason locks you into a contract with no remorse period. So I guess I am screwed unless I pay $200...
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they could also go with the $69.00 individual plan with something like 450 minutes for $79 including that $10 fee plus taxes and all. since cell minutes dont count a lot of people could get away with this plan, i know the question asked above by Crodley was unlimited everything but i always mention this plan when i try to get converts over to our side.
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Come on guys that extra $10 is bullcrap and a scam. It's not for 4g its because the evo uses "more data" so they add an extra 10 to your bill. Question is if someone already has a smart phone with unlimited data why do they need to pay an extra ten dollars for an evo if their plan is already unlimited? The evo uses more data but if ur already unlimited I don't see the justification. Is it possible to use more data than unlimited with the evo? Sprint has been called out on this and their explanations for this were pathetic and steve jobs like.

That being said. even with the bogus ten dollar add on its still the cheapest of the big networks. if you have a wells fargo account its worth 27% discount
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Haven't heard that one before. You sure? I know employees get a discount but I've never seen anything that says account holders do. Can you provide a link?

I don't have a link but when I bought the phone the told me if i was a credit union member i get waived actication fee. She asked if i had a wells Fargo account and said yes which i do and she said if I use that over the credit union discount i can get 27% off monthly bill. The rep didn't even ask for a bank card or anything. She said i would get an email confirming the discount and if any extra info was needed they would ask foe it in the email. I received an email stating my discount was approved and didnt even have to verify anything.
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