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Help EVO. Screen time out issue.

I have had this evo for just a few days now. For the first 2 days (with the screen time out set to 30 seconds) the screen would dim at like 25 seconds... and then turn off completely. Thus locking the screen.

That seemed normal and I liked that.

Now, however, the screen dims at 25 seconds still... but it never shuts off completely. It just stays dim.

I realized this because last night I put the phone into clock mode (the same way I did the first 2 nights with no problem) except last night the screen stayed on and this morning my battery was half drained from an almost full charge.

If I press the button on the top, it does shut off completely, but I would love to have it back to the way it was before. Thanks for the help.
That's just bizarre. I've been advising a general reset procedure with backups (sticky, top of this thread) - but I wonder if you don't have something else weirded up what with it being a new phone.

Go here -


But before really doing anything, kindly look over what it doesn't cure and also look over the Et Cetera section.

And also - do you have Facebook 1.3 running?

THAT is a known issue and there's an update to supposedly fix it if I've been reading correctly.

BTW - welcome to the forum!

And - maybe bookmark that link - at the very least, I always recommend a good backup strategy and what with it being a phone - well, one day you might need the procedures in that thread.
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Thanks for the reply Erlymon. I do not have facebook running. I have not yet run facebook on my device...

Ya know how sometimes when you have a problem with a device... you call customer service and they tell you to "Turn off the device, wait 10 seconds, and then power back on the device."? Well, I did that a few mins ago.

It solved the problem. I cant believe it... but it did. I have no idea what made it do what it was doing... mystery unsolved.
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