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Help Evo, USB, and In Dash Receiver


Jan 4, 2011
So Ive been using my evo as a flash drive for music. I have an AVH4000DVD (Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD DVD receiver at Crutchfield.com) and before I had the evo I used a regular USB flash drive. Today I tried loading an MP4 onto the evo only to realize that it doesnt come up at all. Anyone else have any luck with this deck or similar decks? It doesnt have bluetooth. It doesnt list what files are compatible via USB only CD.
The deck recognizes the evo on disk drive mode as a thumb drive and Im able to play music through my deck and navigate the folders. Ive never tried putting a video file on a thumb drive before and I dont have one anymore to try it. The deck plays burned discs and mp3 discs, with the exception of a couple songs the deck reads the evo with no problem. It even plays ringtones. I Havent found a utility app for this specific purpse but hopefully there will be one in the future.
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