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EVO4G Hotspot & Playstation 3 replacing Uverse


May 20, 2010
I'm curious with all the added fee's that are related with utilizing the EVO to it's maximum potential would it be a "worthy" replacement to my existing internet provided by ATT Uverse?

What I'm most concerned about is playing online with my PS3...I currently have a 1.5 mb connection and I see what the EVO Hot Spot advertises...but do you guys think I can do without my ATT Uverse wireless connection and let this phone do that job for me? Eliminating a monthly bill and adding these new fee's.
I use wimax at home for service but I would never do it via a phone. If you are in a 4g market, look into getting Clear service for home. It's about $35/month and on par with decent dsl or lower end cabe. I get about 5-6mbps down and around 1mbps up. Good enough for gaming and movies and web but you would probably want more if you are a compulsive torrenter or something. Phone hardware isn't optimized to be your always-on internet connection and you will be disappointed.
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It is a phone not a router/modem. It is made to be a mobile device, not your home internet connection. It will not work. At most you are going to put alot of strain on your phone which will wear it out quicker.

You realize clear is same signal EVO uses so you could use phone as wifi instead of clear router and save the $35 per month on clear

Chances are that it is not the same signal. Wimax has two favors. 802.16e and 802.16m. If you have a desktop router, then chances are it is e, evo will be m.
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God forbid you want to run voicechat over the mobile hotspot...

I guess it really comes down to getting the phone and seeing how good/bad the 4G service in your area is going to be. I'll be getting rid of my Verizon Aircard I use on my laptop and use the hotspot service as I'll save 10bucks doing so. To each his own.
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