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Help Exchange (Hotmail) problems

Lord Vader

Android Enthusiast
Nov 3, 2010
I was finally able to set this up on my EVO, but two major problems exist, and I'm unable to fix either. Unlike the stock Email app settings, I cannot change this in the exchange settings.

1. I'm unable to view HTML Emails. They all come in as plain text, and the setting that allows one to toggle between plain text and HTML is grayed out and unable to be changed from its default setting of plain text.

2. Whenever I delete an Email, it's also deleted from the server, so when I am on my PC later, the deleted Emails are gone from my in-box. Considering I average a couple hundred Emails per day, this is annoying, because it forces me to go into my deleted box and search for a specific Email, which isn't easy. On the stock Email Hotmail account, I was able to turn off the "delete on server" feature. I can't do this in exchange.

As it stands right now, this exchange version of Hotmail is worse than my original stock Email where I added my Hotmail account. Because of the two above problems, I'm going to uninstall this and go back to what I had earlier. Considering I had the receive interval set to 5 minutes, there really was not much of a difference between that and exchange's push Email.


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