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Executable certifiable


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May 9, 2017
I have no idea what idiots think (if that's the word) that it is somehow acceptable to put a book of all things in exe format. Is that not for Windows? How would Android mess with it? I know...just get fullreader, or maybe this inno setup extractor would do the trick. No, it would not. This is not the first time I have wasted precious brain cells on fullreader, only to have the phone try to force either Moon+Reader or Readler into opening it. Even apk pure cannot handle it. Inno claims it can't do it justice, which I believe. Maybe we should just burn these fools at the stake for going with anything other than epub or pdf.
ebook formats (i.e. epub, pdf, mobi, azw, etc.) are not executable binaries, if you have an exe file that's likely to be some kind of scam/malware file. It's a Windows executable so don't bother trying to run it on your Android device. If you have a Windows PC, I'd be very, very wary about trying to run it if you did obtain it as an ebook.
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I found it on ZLibrary. The thing is I have tried before to use fullreader but for some reason(s) it will not work. Why would the Moto G try to open a reading app with another reading app?
Direct downloads for ebooks on Zlibrary's site are in epub file format
If you downloaded an exe file instead, that's not of a book. It's either a Windows installer to install a Windows program (not Android) or if you're downloading from some (dubiously) linked site other than the Zlibrary site (which uses https://1lib.us/) it's most likely a scam or malware. Either one it's not the file you need or want, and exe files from anonymous sources should definitely, without question, just be avoided, no matter which operating system you might happen to be using.
Delete that exe file, and then get the ebook that you do want.
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Thanks, but how do I do that? I checked for other formats...none listed. Should I look for it elsewhere (not ZLibrary)?

A common way to do file/folder management on any Android mobile device is to just use a file manager app. Some phones include a file manager app, or there a numerous third-party file manager apps you can install from the Google Play Store. Or as a stopgap solution, the Settings >> Storage menu is its own very, very basic file/folder manager. Not knowing if you used some ebook service app or just a web browser app, you might be able to just use the app to do simple tasks like delete unwanted download files.

As for the specific book you're looking for if it wasn't listed as one of their offerings at Zlibrary than just downloading a random exe file a) isn't going to work on an Android device anyway, and b) isn't going to work as a substitute for whatever book you're looking for.
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