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Help Experiencing Problems with my L9


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Nov 15, 2010

After owning my Optimus L9 for a little over a month now and having problem after problem getting my service fully working I am experiencing some weird problems with the phone. Sometimes when I text it automatically starts backspacing (don't know if I am doing something wrong), a couple nights ago I had it on and plugged in. It was still charging so I decided to turn it off for the night and let it finish but then it got stuck on the LG boot screen so I had to pull the battery. The home button didn't work temporarily today and it looks like it instead took screenshots. I was able to fix it by turning it off then on again. Also I had signal problems a few nights ago and I think I ended up having to turn it off then back on again to get a better signal. Overall very strange behavior. Should I try a restore? Thanks for your help!
I was having the backspacing problem too and my phone added a new wrinkle to that problem by randomly inserting characters as well as deleting others, very annoying.

I stopped using the stock slider keyboard and went back to Swype which I personally like a lot more than Go SMS keyboard or the stock one. That did not fix the issue however in the stock email app that came with the phone. I downloaded K-9 Mail app and the combination of using Swype and K-9 has fixed the random deletion and insertion of characters. It's probably fixed using the stock keyboard or Go SMS keyboard too but I haven't tried it.

Hope this helps.
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I had to do a factory reset of my L9 this morning. Was running a little flaky. The e-mail app that I use, crashed; and when the Google Crash Reporter launched (for the first time on the phone), the Terms were listed in Spanish, even though the language setting is on English.

As I was looking at the language settings, the phone also reported Google Play Newsstand crashed. I have never used that app, nor do I want to, so I have no idea why it crashed.

At that point, I did the factory reset.
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