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External charger?


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Apr 19, 2011
does anyone know if there is an external charger for the optimus battery available? I just ordered an extra battery and I'd love to have a way to charge it outside of the device.


(sorry this is sort of a dupe post on another thread but I thought I'd start a new one)
The only ones I've found that are made to charge the Optimus battery external from the phone are the ones sold on eBay. But you're now in luck, as they seem to have started selling the
Optimus charger without the batteries.

There is also one I've seen sold as an external LG Optimus battery-only charger and is similar in shape to the ones that are purpose built to fit the Optimus battery, but it's really an all-purpose external battery charger, because you align the two movable pins of the charger with the battery's outside contacts. I had this charger from a time before I owned the Optimus, and it works ok on the Optimus batteries, but it's precarious getting the pins aligned. I wouldn't recommend it when the alternative purpose-built charger is available.
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I bought one and the description was "2x Battery/Charger" which means it came with 2 batteries and a charger. I think this all cost me the grand sum of $11.99. I decided a long time ago that swapping out a batter is much preferable to having to keep the phone plugged in, but I do use a car charger when I'musing GPS. I wish they would just make these things with huge batteries that would really last for a few days of real-world use. I for one would be glad to carry a few extra ounces.
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