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Extra album in gallery


Dec 24, 2012
Greetings, all. I have a new Galaxy s3. When I plugged it in to my PC, I acquired an extra album in the gallery. It contains zero items and it has the name of my PC. I have all the syncs turned off, including the picasa. I cannot seem to delete the album. Interestingly, when I restart the phone and then view the gallery, this album shows up a few seconds after the pictures and downloads albums. I would appreciate any ideas. This seems like a very useful forum.
Yes there are shared folders on your PC. Stop sharing them and they will go away. Or you can use a different gallery app that will allow you to hide ones you do not want.

On your PC you can also tell it specifically what devices to share the folder with so you can also turn off the S3 and it won't show.

Remember anything you put into that shared folder in your PC can be viewed on your S3. photos, songs, video etc.
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Thanks. Can you tell me how to stop sharing the folders?

Open up windows media player on your PC and then go into the Stream pull down menu. Turn on and off what you wish to share or have streamed in. You can stream out of WMP or stream into it from your phone. Advanced options will allow you to customize it.
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