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Help Extracting alarm & ring tones?


Jul 26, 2011
I just got a Matorola Atrix 2, and after my many frustrations with the continuum (most of which stem from the lack of the promised 2.2 update), I'm loving my Moto.

That being said, there is one thing I miss. The continuum had great alarm tones. It was always very pleasant waking up using Morning/Forest etc. combined with the smart alarm function. The Atrix has a gradual volume option, but it doesn't have those great tones. Is there any way I can extract them (rooting is not an option, the Continuum is a company asset, so I need to keep it fairly stock); or if not, does anyone know where I can get them/can anyone post them somewhere? I'm assuming that the tones are probably standard Samsung fare.

Thanks in advance!
well, i fear you may have jumped ship to soon! The scene is now booming, relatively speaking, for this device. The support is here and the development is happening as we speak. We may not have an official 2.2 release, but we have pretty dman close. Not to mention the roms that have been made, mine included(Miunia).

Androidforums has died down a decent amount since i created my account for my droid x, but XDA is still going strong.

If you would like to see what has been done with this phone head over there. TX has done a good job bringing most of it over here, but there is much he has left out(expected as he is only one person)

As for the sounds, they are located in the /system/media/audio folder.
Hope this helps.
If you would like to pull them download a CWM flashable rom and unzip it. Navigate to the folder and pull them.
Good luck!
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Anyway that you could upload the alarm tones for me somewhere? I think you may have missed the the part of my post saying it's a company-provided asset, so I can't root it, so I can't really get to the system folder (unless there's a trick I'm not privy to).

Good to hear that it might finally get that update. To clarify a little further, I didn't actually "jump ship," I still have my Continuum but like I said, it's a company-provided asset, so I can't root it (as tempted as I often was) and apply the ROM. I was using it as my primary primary phone, while my personal phone remained a Samsung (ugh) Black Jack II (which, I might add, I had to hard-reset every 4-6 months due to corrupted ring tones; another example of Samsung memory) because I couldn't afford a data plan.

Well, the Black Jack II finally died, and I decided that between my frustration with the Continuum, my strong desire for a faster device, and the need to get a new phone anyway, I might as well tighten my built a bit (downgrade Netflix to streaming only & stop buying those damned Red Bulls that I shouldn't be drinking anyway!) and get a decent phone for myself.

So now, I use the Atrix 2 as my persona l device and I reset the continuum to factory defaults and I've only installed Screeble, Advance Task Manager, Mr. Number, Fancy Widget and Linked In, making it a business-only phone. It behaves under such a light load, but just for the sake of closure, it'd be awesome to see it finally get an official 2.2 upgrade.
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