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Facebook and Contact problem


Nov 29, 2009
Hey everyone I just bought my Droid Eris today and coming from a BB Tour, I love this phone! Anyway, I was wondering why all my contacts in the "people" section werent syncing with their respective facebook contacts. I realized that my contacts somehow got transfered instead of "John Smith" like I had it in my tour to "Smith John" in my Eris. So facebook doesnt recognize any of their names because they are backwards. I edited one name to put it the correct way and it recognized it and said 1 facebook link conact. I really really do not want to edit every contact I have so is there a way to switch all of these somehow? Any help would be greatly appreaciated
When I bought my Eris at the verizon store, they took my BB and hooked it up to their machine and transferred the contacts that way. I did have a leaked 5.0 OS for my BB. Maybe that had something to do with it? If i take it back to verizon would they be able to clear all my backwards contacts then re do it? What is the best solution?
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