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Root Facebook app / CM6 / Cricket


May 16, 2011
I recently updated to the CM6 (2.2) ROM.

Had a few issues along the way (heh) and now I have it all set up perfectly (thanks to all who helped!)

Now what I was wondering is if everyone who has Facebook on CM6, do they not have a chat?

Because I no longer have a chat on my Facebook app which is kind of disappointing. Im sure theres a separate app for it or some other way to access it, but I would get on FB and when I was done checking whatever, I would see who was on the chat and it was just a quick, simple, easy way to communicate.

So, is it just me having this? Is it a setting that must be changed? Or what?

Im sure its not just me (I hope :/) but I figured I would ask and see.


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