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Root Facebook Widget on SG v.5.0.1 ROM Issue

I just installed SG 5.0.1 and http://androidforums.com/all-things...id-email-after-installing-sg-v-5-0-1-rom.htmleverything looks great except the facebook Widget theme didn't change to look like the rest of Smoked Glass. It's still white with a light blue trim. Any ideas on how to make it look like the Smoked Glass theme without having to re-install the ROM?

I've deleted the widget and put it back and it didn't help. I've also tried rebooting the phone. Lastly, I've tried to apply it using Glass Theme V1.03 and Smoked Glass Theme V2 Nothing seems to work.

Any Ideas?? Thanks
This is because the facebook app from the market installs in the data directory vs. the system directory. The facebook app that was installed on your phone from the factory was named as Facebook.apk in system>app. Downloaded from the market it installs in data>app

Here's how to fix:

- using 'root explorer' (free from the market):
- Go to data>app and then look for (I believe this is the right name) 'com.facebook.katana.apk'
- Rename that file to 'com.facebook.katana.apk.bak' (you need to mount the folder as Read/Write (located at the top of the screen)
- Move or Copy (copy if you want to keep this file just in case...I just move it) to this folder - system>app (you need to mount this directory as well as read/write like before)
- Rename this file to 'Facebook.apk' (use a capital 'F' cause if you don't it causes problems...or so I've heard).
- Mount the directories back to Read Only
- Using metamorph, you can apply the theme to Facebook.apk (using the themed glass theme (not the rom). Or you can re-apply the theme via recovery.

done...should work now.
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