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Help Facebook will not sync contacts!


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Mar 26, 2010

Did some more searching on these forums. I logged out of Facebook through the Android App then logged in and all is well. I dont know why it had to come to that, it should do it automatically. I have even done battery pulls which should theoretically log me out, oh well, it works now.

I have done some searching around and there was a problem with Facebook a couple weeks back, but I dont think this has anything to do with that. I added a new friend on Facebook on the 25th of July, I also added them manually into my People on my Inc. For whatever reason when I go to the Link part of the contact and go to the Facebook Link, it says to pick from my friends. He does not show up in my friends if I am browsing through the link area. I can go to facebook from the phone and from the computer and he is there. It is making me insane!

Also the profile pics are not updating, and havent for many months. My wife's picture has not changed on my phone's end in 4 months, but on the actual Facebook site it has.

Is it just me?
Ok, here is the fix for A LOT of your issues. Facebook a while back updated their security settings...many of us have enabled them...if you are not able to get contacts from here the issue is most likely that you have enabled the security setting called "Turn off Platform apps" which disables ANY apps from accessing your Facebook information.

This can be found under "Account" > "Privacy Settings" > "Apps and Websites" (edit your settings). In the field "Apps you use" if the setting says "Turn ON all Platform Apps" then you need to click it, to enable your phone to access your Facebook. If it says "Turn OFF all Platform Apps" then you have another issue, and this won't help. Once you turn on all platform apps, you might want to go in and make sure you don't have "HTC Sense" specifically disabled....if so, reenable it, then exit to your profile and log out. At this poing you can resync your Facebook from your phone and it will update. Do not forget that sometimes resyncing is not enough, and you might have to go into the "People" app on the phone, move the slider to Online directories, and then select Facebook. Once in there, hit "menu" and click the refresh. You should see it repopulating.

Also if you can get contacts, but there are "some" not showing up in your contacts...it's likely that "they" have their platform apps turned off. All you can do in this case is just politely request for them to turn them back on. Once that is done, follow the other steps and they will be added to your list.

The reason so many people are seeing this issue after a reset, or recently is that they have already cached their friends into their phone, so even when people started updating security settings the phone already had their contact info. Once you do a hard-reset you lose all of that, and the new security settings go into effect when you try to resync later (yours included)

Hope this helped and doesn't look too run-together! :)

(PS this also can be the issue with why pics are not updating...new requests from HTC Sense are being blocked due to that setting being turned off, or because someone has that app specifically blocked.)
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i am having the same problem with the contact pics mine wont even show up, and they def dont update, i checked the settings on fb and they are correct,and I checked on a friends page and hers are correct but her pic still doesnt show up as an option for her contact pic, but it will display it on her fb page that is linked to the contact card, it just wont let me add it as a contact pic! please help, this is sooo frustrating!
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