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Radikal....not clear on instructions....if I tap contacts ,and then open a specific contact that is missing facebook info, there is nothing further to select...please elaborate

FYI...spoke with Motorola (they suck)...accordingly , if you removr facebook account, all asociated gmail accounts will be deleted; ridiculous.
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Yea, I have to admit that the facebook/contact integration on this phone absolutely sucks. I am having a similar problem as you and have yet to figure it out. Something this simple shouldn't be this damn difficult. I would like to just figure out how to add a phone number to someone already synced with FB that is in my contacts. That seems impossible as well. Pretty unreal for a phone of this caliber.
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ok... go to contacts >> click a specific contact >> click their facebook profile *should be in the contact info* and then click their photo, mess around on their profile, when ya exit that, the pic SHOULD be on the contact list :) but if not, i dunno. I got a GOOD droid, havent had ANY issues really.
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I do since I don't want all my facebook "friends" in my phone contacts. The majority of contacts are not people I would ever call.

first off, i meant to ask if you had the sync function turned off at the time using a power manager application like the widget. many people use the widget to keep any syncing with google and facebook cloud info turned off to conserve battery life and only turn it on once a day or so or when they know they've changed something that needs to sync back to the cloud or vice versa.

secondly, there is an option when you enable facebook contact sync to only sync facebook info with people who are already in your google contacts and ignore the rest of your facebook friends. this way you only add facebook info to your current contacts rather than add any new unwanted contacts from facebook. the only problem with this is that if the person's name in your google contacts doesn't exactly match the name that they use on facebook, the sync won't recognize them and you have to change their name in your google contacts to match.
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