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Help Factory Reset


Jul 29, 2010
Hi Guys

I have a rooted desire but have been having a few problems recently with space and not being able to transfer apps to the SD.

I have recently got a new 16gb memory card so I will thinking of resetting the phone and starting from scratch .

Will a factory reset take me back to an unrooted phone or will it take me back to the point where I rooted the device.

Not fussed about backing up all my apps and stuff, just want to reset it and then start a fresh with a empty phone and memory card.

Is factory reset the way to go or should I re root?

Thanks in advance
got any more info on this?

I have downloaded rom mananger and tried to partition the sd card but I keep getting an error message "an error occurred while downloading your recovery"

any ideas?

Also have looked for the rom you mentioned but can't seem to find it, do you have a link?
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ok thanks,

I have managed to get it installed now. I am now at the stage of the partitioning the card

Which options should I choose? 512mb? swap size?

Once I have created the partition do I simpy then copy the rom and radio onto the memory card and then reboot the phone and go to the bit where I install a new rom?

I have created a backup with titainum backup. is this going to be ok if everything goes wrong?

Also so I installed the new rom from a fresh memory card and then put back my 16gb card once it has done?
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sorry but got a few more questions

I have now used rom manager to partition my memory card. so this is done

I have downloaded the new rom , the radio and a2sd+ onto the new card.

Do I now install the rom using rom manager?

I tried this but it did not seem to work. got the android man and an exclamation mark (!)

Do I need to wipe the whole phone, then boot it again and try install the new rom?

Also something strange seems to have happened whereby before I only has 10mb or free space on the phone but now I seem to have 115mb?

Sorry about all the question, I pretty new to all this jazz
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