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Help faulty t-mobile pukse power connection

Has anyone encountered a problem with the power connection, plugged it in and broke. Took it back to T-mobile who told me it wasn't part of the warranty. Does anyone know the address for the manufacturers or contact number.:(

Your post caught my eye as I'm looking to buy a Pulse in place of an now oldish TM MDA Compact II which runs WM5 and has a mini USB connection.

The connection has been repaired twice, and has just gone again: I dont think mini USB connections are all that hardy given the handling to which phones are subject. Did you do anything special to strain it? I suspect not: you just have to be inordinately careful to pull the wire straight out or push it straight in to the connector to limit sideways strain I think...and even then...

If youre in the London area, and can get to Wimbledon, Turnonyourmobile will fix it for you while you wait, en principe, and charge you about $30 based on my experience

I have a feeling that pulse uses an even smaller version of the usb mini than miy MDA: I wonder if its even more vulnerable

you can email them at
info@Turnonyourmobile.com/ theyre a helpful bunch. check out their website
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