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FB contacts sync loop


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Mar 4, 2010
Since yesterday my Eris has been in a funk with syncing Facebook contacts.

It seems almost every time I look at the phone to check e-mails or messages etc., contact pictures are randomly appearing/disappearing, going from fuzzy to clear in the people list and also the Favorites widget.
I only have just over 200 contacts, so it is not like it is thousands of entries to sync.

What is also weird is that after most contacts seem freshly synced (it doesn't do them all, just a few here and there disappear) and display the correct contact picture from Facebook and the little "f" in the lower left corner, but when I go into their contact card, the little chainlink in the upper right corner looks like it is broken and not linked. Only a few random ones show a properly "linked" little chain.

Has anyone been experiencing the same thing?

Very annoying and I am sure quite a drain on the battery? Yesterday I made it barely through the day with one charge where I usually still have at least 60% or so. I have the 1750 Seidio.

My Facebook settings for HTC Sense under "Accounts & sync" are set to check once a day.
The Facebook app itself is set to a 30 min refresh interval.

Rebooted the phone last night before I went to sleep as well to see if that remedies it, but no change, it is still happily syncing away... The phone has only been up 11 hours and my battery usage shows "Android System @ 45%" where before this started it used to be a low number.

Help anyone?!
I just did these exact same things.

It's making a huge difference in my battery life!

I know what you mean about the battery drain. I have made sure to put the HTC Facebook Sync to once a day. I wish there was an option to only sync manually.

Also, i have unchecked the Google sync for Calendar & Contacts. I do that manually if I make changes.

The only thing syncing regularly for me is Gmail. Seems to help with battery.
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