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Jun 5, 2010
So I am doing a bit of research before this phone launches on T-Mobile tomorrow. The reviews I had read seemed to be not too shabby. Then I got here and started reading about the cracked screens and the less than stellar info about the camera's performance.

What appealed to me about this phone is the camera and the water resistance. I'm a photographer and have been pretty pleased with how my Note 2 does when taking photos for a cellphone. I also like to run outside and always worry about rain and sweat when I'm running with my phone.

But the issues people are having with phones cracking out of the blue and the comparisons of the various cameras are giving me second thoughts about picking this phone up tomorrow. So I figured I'd see what experience others are currently having?
Video compression is much too high and in spite of the many user complaints registered worldwide, Sony has not done anything to remedy that problem. :(

Hmm, reports I've read from users with the .423 (Android 4.2.2) update suggest that the camera has been improved. I'm not able to judge for myself though as the update is yet to be rolled out to generic UK handsets.

As to the mysterious screen cracking issue, all I can say is that my own is still pristine after four months of use. None of my customers who bought Zs have reported cracked screens either.... apart from one that was dropped onto a stone floor at a party. :(

The weather-proofing is a nice touch if, like me, your phone goes everywhere with you. The last thing I need when caught in bad weather in a remote area is the worry of my phone dying.
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Decided I'm going to go in store and do a side by side comparison of the camera in this phone with the one in the Note 2 I currently use. Hoping that the samples I see on the reviews are just from people who don't know how to use a camera. If I can get equivalent photos from the XZ as I get from my Note 2, I'll be happy.
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Ok, I did my side by side last night. My findings...the camera on the Xperia Z really isn't all that hot. I tried shooting at 13 an 9mp. Neither setting looked as good as my Note 2 at 8mp. :( I have no idea what Sony is up to but I wish they had a "raw" setting. I even tried side loading the stock camera app that I had sitting on my Note 2 and comparing those. Still no joy.

This made me sad. Besides the camera, everything else looks great on this phone but the camera is a deal breaker for me.
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