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Feedback from you required. Please help


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Aug 2, 2011
Several people are reporting 2 niggling issues

1. The battery status screen is not reporting application's battery usage. Only core categories such as Screen, Bluetooth, Wifi, Android System, Phone Idle are being shown. Both BBS and badass battery monitor both report individual applications' battery use correctly.

2. An L2_HSIC kernel wakelock

Can you report your firmware version and kernel version, and say if you are getting any of the above two issues. I'm trying to see if there is a pattern to establish if these problems are kernel or firmware related (or a combination of the two)

I'm on Neat LPI, Siyah 4.0.1
I certainly get problem (1.)
(2.) my hsic wakelock after 4 hours on is at 5 mins, count 682 (2.1%)

I've tried this on Siyah 3.5.2 and get the same problems.
I would be especially interested with those on the following combinations:

1. NEAT LPI + NEAK/cf-root
2. Stock LPI ROM + Siyah
3. Any other Sammy ICS ROM + any kernel

Many thanks.
Hawker does this to me... usually at a weekend. He comes up with one of these niggling problems.... which I hadn't given much thought to... and then it leads to days of intensive trials and investigations until he gets an answer. The last time was all about Samsung Dive... that took about 8 days to get to the bottom of! :banghead:

However, this time I have a vested interest in the L2_HSIC wakelock, see, here.

The L2_HSIC wakelock has always been present to some degree but just recently, it has crept up to number one in the overnight kernel wakelocks on BetterBatteryStats and my Deep Sleep has gone from around 93-95% to 87-89%.

So, here goes...

NEAT FULL LPI + Siyah 4.0.1...

1. Nothing other than Hawker

2. L2_HSIC wakelock is number one on Kernel wakelocks . 8h 44m at 8m 10s, count 980, 1.9%

NEAT FULL LPI + Siyah 3.5.2...

1. Nothing other than Hawker

2. Number four on the list. 7 hours at 5m 48s, count 981, 1.4%

Stock LPG + Siyah 3.4.1...

1. Nothing other than Hawker

2. Didn't leave it on long enough.

Unfortunately, my laptop with all my CWM backups and Android paraphernalia, is away being repaired, otherwise I would have loaded more restores on and tested.

Looking back at some of my copious screenshots, I sometimes see the odd app, such as GPS Status or Compass or ExTweaks, showing in Battery Usage but not things like MX Video Player or PowerAmp, etc:

Just a thought, now that I've seen Hawker's, on the wakelock... I wonder if it is number one because the others have become less... if that makes sense.
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Rightio then boyos. I have no clue on wtf you guys are on about

So how do i find this wake lock malarky?



Take my advice ZR160_MAJ, don't get involved in this one! See my first paragraph in post #3.

In answer to your question though, you will need to install the latest version of BetterBatteryStats from the Play Store and get a large supply of aspirin in.


I re-installed probably the longest running Siyah kernel I've ever had, back on to my phone. It was the one released around the 12th June and I had it on for nearly a month with great results....

the Siyah 3.3.2. Still running NEAK Full LPI with BVLP7 modem.

1. App's, other than the one's you mention, still not showing in Battery Usage.

2. After 11h 6m... l2_hsic = 6m 40s, count 1544, 0.9%. Now 7th on the list of Kernel Wakelocks.
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