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Help Few quick questions

I went out and got the backflip today.. I like the phone but i just have a few questions. Coming from the 9700 (blackberry) What does this OS offer over the blackberry OS. Does anyone know if there is anyway possible to add google as the default search on the Motorola Backflip. Im really liking the phone but it is bugging me not to have google as default search.

Also does anyone know if there is a way to remove all of AT&T's bloatware from the phone.
Any phone you buy from AT&T will have the AT&T bloat, unless you get and iphone and then you get the Apple bloat too.

The things I preferred about the Backflip over the Blackberry 9700 (and it came down to these two for me) was the larger physical keyboard on the backflip, I really like the track pad on the backflip, the screen on the backflip is larger, and the hope of more customizations available with Android. Also, the Backflip's keyboard is tucked out of the way when you don't need it.

From what I saw the 9700 is a great phone and I hope in the long run that I made the correct choice with the backflip. The Blackberry represented stability and a mature, probably end of run OS. The Backflip with the Android OS represented more of a chance of something new and growing.

I have now tried about a dozen apps from the market and just the idea of being able to add things to the phone so easily is great. (I came from a locked down 'feature phone').
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