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Help Fighting with my home screen (Four Corners)


Jan 29, 2013
I am fighting with my home screen set up. I have it set to have the four corners configuration.

Well a few times when putting a app short cut on the "main" screen area, and putting it close to one of the four corners, it has ended up in the corner and not on the main screen area.

I know normal you just touch and hold the icon and then you can drag it to the area you want it. Including dragging it to the trash can. But this does not work in the four corners themselves when I accidentally put an icon in there. I believe this is because I already had an icon in the corners. So when I accedently put another in there I get two of them, not one. I have found with one, you can dragg it out. But I can't find a way to do it with two in there

I try grabbing the one I want. It highlights so I know I have it, and the corner expands, but I can not drag it out.

I have found that is I uninstall the program then the icon goes away. I can then reinstall the program and put the icon where I want it.

But in this case I have the Boat browser and stock texting icon in the same corner. And the system when I go to delete either the boat or texting only gives me the option to delete upgrades, not the apps... So I can not fix that way.

I can go into the home set up and remove the four corners... But then when I go back and put the corners back, the apps reaper with the corners..



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