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Move application icons to home screen


Jul 19, 2017
I bought an Asus Zenphone 9 smartphone and I am not able to use it :LOL:. I managed to insert the sim, but now I cannot put an icon or a link of applications on the home screen. Formerly I used only Samsung galaxy phones and it was quite easy. But with this zen phone I cannot do it !!!
I read in the user manual that I must sweep the screen going up-down to get the home screen. On that screen I have the basic applications icons : messages, camera, galery, Internet (chrome). My problem is that I want to open and use other applications easily and have them on the home screen also. But I could not do that. I can sweep up down twice to get the aaplications list, and then open one of them but it is rather long. What I want is to have an icon of this application on the home screen, next to the basic icons. An good example is the Yamaha application Musiccast for my HiFi set.
How can I do this simple thing ?
Long press on an icon that is on the Home screen. Now move it with your finger up or down on the screen to an "X" that appears, or choose "remove".
This will clear the icon that you do not want off the home screen.
To add an app to your home screen, swipe your screen to get to your app drawer, long press, and drag to your home screen.
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