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File not found in viber

ok are you talking about Viber Messenger???

where does it say file not found? are you using a file manager to locate the photo? what phone do you have?

we need more details. just remember the more info you provide, the better we can help.

In my chat history.in the media i can oly see my last two photos.yes viber messanger,I transfer everything to my new phone, i heard it has to do with hidden files or thumbnails or something,I can see the pictures in gallery only not in my viber chat
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Yes in my biber chat, it says file not found although i can see them.in my gallery i

I have samsung a21s, i am sending some sceenshots


  • Screenshot_20210303-151907_Viber.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20210303-151837_Viber.jpg
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