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Find My Mobile says I'm offline but I'm not

I am testing out the Find My Mobile feature but when I try to track my device (which is right beside me, powered on and connected to the internet), it says my device is "offline".

Why is it saying this? It is not offline. What if my phone was lost or stolen? None of the features are able to work if it thinks the device is offline, including prompting your phone to ring on command or locking your phone.


  • status offline Screenshot 2021-08-08 171910.png
    status offline Screenshot 2021-08-08 171910.png
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Find My Mobile works off of two things -- online connectivity (WiFi and/or cellular) and Location (using GPS, nearby cell towers triangulation, and/or WiFi). Your screen capture indicates you disabled Location back in June. Have you enabled it since then or is it still off?
If it is disabled, enable Location, wait a few minutes for your phone to be detected again, and then try testing Find My Mobile again.
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So your second screen shot shows that your S8 is apparently OK, going by the status icons for WiFi, cellular, and Location. Perhaps your phone itself isn't the problem but there's something going on with your Samsung account. If you log into your online account, are there any options that indicate a problem with identifying your phone?
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