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Fingerprint sensor does not wake up phone.


Feb 4, 2023
I have an S20+ that was working fine. Yesterday I noticed when the phone is asleep, I have the always on display and fingerprint enabled, but the fingerprint will not unlock the phone when the screen is dark. I have to press the power button to wake up the phone first, and then the fingerprint works on fine the lock screen to unlock it. There are 4 registered fingerprints. None of them work on the sleep screen.

Fingerprint is enabled, fingerprint always on is enabled, and show icon when screen is off is set to 'on always on display'.

I tested the proximity sensor using the "Samsung Members" app and it works. Also reset the system cache and rebooted. I deleted one fingerprint and registered it again. This did not help. Any suggestions?
I have Android ver 13


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