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Fingerprint sensor & screen protectors


Mar 17, 2012
How do people find using a screen protectors with fingerprint sensor?

I had problems on one phone when I tried to install a screen protector, just didn't work.

Some people say that they can be OK, others say not.

I'm buying a OnePlus, but want to be able to use the fingerprint normally.

I usually change the screen cover regularly.
OnePlus have been using under-display fingerprint scanners since the OnePlus 7.

But it might help to know which model you are planning on buying - that way if anyone has the same model they may be able to speak more reliably on how that particular phone works. Unfortunately while I do have an under-display scanner it's not a OnePlus (so I don't know how similar the tech is) and I don't use a screen protector. I can say that it worked fine with the one that Samsung had fitted in the factory (which I have since removed), but I don't know how comparable that would be to buying a film screen protector and sticking it on a recent OnePlus.
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i use zagg screen protectors on all of my devices. they work really well with fingerprint readers that is on the screen. never had any issues. i love the fact that i can buy a protector and they will replace the screen protector for only $7......and they will install it for free!!!! i have a zagg booth in a mall near me that i can go to.

looks like zagg does not have one made for your phone. but they do have it where the salesperson can cut a custom shield for almost any phone. they had to do that for my z fold 3.

i hear great things about whitestone as well:
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Thanks for the info.

Is there much difference between glass and plastic screens?

Plastic seemed to be duller but glass often cracks at the edges.

There are new plastic covers which people say are very good, advertised as '99% HD Clear screen protector with smooth surface and "True Touch" feel and keeps the bright and colorful image quality'.

Are they as good as glass?
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