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Root Firefox for android on Ally

Ally Cat

May 25, 2011
Has anyone been able to use the firefox for android browser on their Ally?

I found only some posts from last October saying that it won't work on the ARMv6 processor, but back then they also said that running flash wasn't possible and now we have Flash 10.1 available and working fine on this phone.

Just curious, I would like to try it if I could...
Be brave... give it a go. The worst that could happen is you'll have to uninstall firefox and go back to whatever browser you're currently using... or your phone might explode in your face, but that is very, very rare I assure you.

I personally use the stock browser, i have tried all the other fancy ones like opera, dolphin etc. and I've found the stock browser to be plenty fast and able to load all the content I need.
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