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Root First Timer

Hi all!
So I am new to the droid community.
I have just flashed my first rom, EVOlved Rechard3d.
Now I am having trouble with themes, as to what themes work with this ROM & trouble as to where I may find them.

Help Appreciated

well i wish you the best on not becoming a flashaholic then lol...to my knowledge, i dont think that there are that many themes available for that rom yet....its a fairly new rom....i know there are some skins and such you can put on there....but typically any theme you find, tells you specifically which rom it is for down to the version number....so dont try it with another rom cuz more than likely it isnt gonna work and even if it does, you will probly encounter problems...but check out this page here...there might be something on there to help you out with that rom.....

[ROM][8.16.11][370mb+free] EVOlvedROM r3chargeD RC1 "Just Another Sense 3.0 Port" - xda-developers
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