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First to Brick?


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Nov 11, 2009
South Jersey
Haven't found anyone else that has bricked their Droid yet.

I was trying to change my status bar color and dropdown color. Used terminal emulator to take the apk from my sd card to the phone. rebooted, now i'm bricked.

i'm stuck at the motorola logo.

tried doing the 2.0.1 update again, but I get an error mentioning corporate calendar, which I deleted off the phone. whoops.

any ideas? look like i'll be at verizon tomorrow.
Which is why I said play dumb. Usually at the Verizon stores they do not check such things.. they see a dead device and replace it. Over the phone, this may not work. I completely bricked a Blackberry by installing a badly put-together hybrid(along with a few others at Crackberry), and had no problem getting a new one at the local Verizon outlet.
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Tried booting into recovery. I tried the factory reset option (I don't remember the exact wording), but it didn't help. It ran through everything, but I still got stick on the moto logo.

Took it to the big V today and they were able to flash it to stock firmware. Works like a charm.

Details? What did they use to flash it, a dock/usb cable/sd card/bannana?

I would have been leaning over that counter like a sum'bitch trying to find out ;)
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