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FLaSH on 2.2 Froyo...great video!

Already seen this video a week or two ago, pretty impressive stuff. Funny story, when I tried to scan ahead Flash crashed in my browser (I am running the Gala beta though), still a little ironic especially considering the demo he showed in the video crashed on stage.
While I'm not a fan of Flash it's nice to have, I just hope I can turn it off as I don't want to see all the Flash ads.
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I just want Flash for applications. There are so many free games and apps written in Flash and these are instantly available for any platform that gets Flash working. A standalone .swf player would be ideal as a launcher or frontend for lots of apps but even in-browser would be OK if implemented well.

I could care less about the ads. I use adblock on my desktop browsers and I'm sure someone will make one for mobile browsers.
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