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Flash Upgrade 10.3


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Jul 19, 2011
Installed on the SGS2 is Flash version, then I installed the update to 10.3 from the market. A little while later I took it off again because I read the release notes and the difference between 10.3 from 10.1 that is actually relevant to android is pretty much zero. All the updates impact windows and whatever more and they just keep in sync with version numbers...

Anyway Now at completely randow times I am getting an automatic download occuring of 10.3 all 10MB+ of it. Particularly annoying because it is pushing it when I do not even have wifi on, just packet data turned on. How do you kill this automatic update?
Thanks for that. It took me a while to realise you were talking about Market on SGS2 not on the web. I hardly ever use the phone version of the market, I use the main website with wifi turned on the phone to receive anything I download. So thanks I did not know there was a difference b/w the 2. Ie. Website does not have anything except a list of apps you have installed but no other option. While on the phone it has a tick box for automatic updating?!!

In fact I wish the website had a list of apps I have installed then removed - so of them I'd like to revisit but I can't remember what they are called.
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