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Help flickering in my contacts


Dec 17, 2012
hi guys. pretty new to android (samsung note 2) found when i entered my contacts through gmail, i find when i go to a contact and open to see details, when i press the back key on the bottom right of the device it come out of the contact as it should but flickers once before i see my contact list again. i didnt have that before only started today.

would anyone know what that might be? iv tried searching to find live support but no luck. its really aggravating me. Please help someone.
thanks for such a swift response. it doesnt happen on any other application just my contacts. iv tried rebooting it and even switching it off. do you think it might take a few hours to sync?

It shouldn't...is there a setting on that device to set how long to sync?
Do you have contacts synced with google I assume?
Mine usually syncs within a minute of a change in contacts but I don't exactly know what you mean by "flicker"
When you back out of the contact, the screen goes black for a split second, flashes the contact for a split second, then it goes to your list? Is that what you mean?
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