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Help Flipboard draining my battery


Android Enthusiast
Jun 7, 2010

Flipboard is draining my battery and data and I have no idea how to disable it. I am running stock touchwiz. In the 20 min space driving to work battery went from 100% to 83%. I have uninstalled all updates and force closed the app, however there is no way to actually disable it. I cannot find the settings in the app also. Any ideas how to remove this app from killing the battery?

Either that or my Kia keyless car key is interacting with the phone draining the battery :p
2 things. Install Nova launcher and you can disable it, replacing touch wiz. Or,... Your battery isn't fully charged. You mentioned 100%, but what some people don't know is that just because it's at 100%, it's not fully charged. There is 100% with the lightning bolt symbol inside the battery, which means it's not fully charged. Then there's the 100% without the lightning bolt logo inside the battery, which means it's fully charged. This makes a huge difference.
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