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Fluxbox has come a long way!


Android Expert
Mar 8, 2011
I use Ubuntu as my sole desktop operating system and I'm not completely comfortable with the Unity desktop. Unity was fine on a netbook but it has no place on a desktop machine in my opinion.

I had used the Fluxbox window manager years ago and, while it was a great window manager, I liked GNOME enough to keep going back to the full desktop environment.

I recently revisited the Fluxbox window manager and am highly impressed. GNOME 3 will usher in the gnome shell, similar to Unity in look and feel, so it seems our beloved GNOME is getting a facelift and I have to find a new environment in which to work. I've even created my own Fluxbox style.

Click here a larger view (offsite link).


A huge thank you to the Fluxbox development team for the improvements, this is one nice window manager :)

I'd like to hear what other Linux fans use as an alternate work environment.


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