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Help flytouch 3 ?


Jul 6, 2011
hello guys been wanting to post on here for a few days now so here goes-
i got my flytouch 3 about 2 weeks ago and never had the time to play around with due to my daughter having our 1st grandchild ;) anyway heres my problems ive found so far and was wondering if theres any help out there from you guys,1st of all this is all the model info-
model- disco,android version- 2.2-20110325,kernel version,zjd@dtlinuxserver#31 build number frf85b.
when i 1st got it ,it would play youtube vids but after it kept locking up and i had to restart the thing over and over i contacted the guy i bought it off and he told me to factory reset it,after doing this it wont play youtube and keeps saying i need the latest flash version,i have tried and tried to get this but it keeps failing to install it ??? help please ,plus when i click update system all i get is error 303 or 301 ??
can anyone explain in easy terms how to update the android system and also tell me how to get flash player working again,cheers guys,i have pc experiance but this is my 1st android tablet so its all new to me,thanks

Just a few very quick answers, as I'm heading for bed...

  1. Flash it with s0I's [or Tim's] firmware, will solve most of your problems.
  2. Do you have an SD Card installed? Id so, remove it and try installing your app again. Sometimes it fixes the problem.
  3. Updating, the 'system update' doesn't do anything [except piss people off]. See point one.
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