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gome flytouch 3

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    Root no recovery

    flytouch 3 (9V / 1 TF Slots) if i select settings it opens up, noting to select(settings screen black) so i can not restore the tablet The recovery key combination (Menu+Power+Back buttons) stuck on start-up screen axion logo I have tried to update my firmware with several of the...
  2. C

    Help SuperPAD VI can't install firmware

    Hi all. I'm new here, and I've got a problem with my Superpad VI 512 DDR cortex A8 1.0 Ghz. Yesterday i've lost the wi-fi, meaning that when i want to turn it on from the menu, it just says "erorr". Whell.. the only solution was to restore factory reset. By doing that, on the restart, now my...
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    Help SUPERPAD3/FlyTouch Froyo Locked

    I have a what was marketed as a SUPERPAD3/FlyTouch Froyo tablet. I haven't used it in a few months and now when I turn it on all I see is the following screen. I try doing the factory reset but after it says it completes, it just stays at this screen yet again. Please help!
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    Root Flytouch3 (Odys Xtense) firmware upgrade

    Hi all! I have the following tablet: Model Number: ODYS Xtense Android Version: v2.2 2011-08-01(401111) Kernel version: Build number: FRF85B on the back it has a label "ODYS Xtense" side: 2USB, 2SD, 1HDMI, headphones, ehternet and 9V. I want to upgrade the firmware to a android 2.3...
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    Help Can't connect to wifi

    Hi guys I'm completely new here and new to Android in general, Recently I purchased a tablet at a boot sale which I believe is a A1CS X220 (Identical to Flytouch 3) running Android 2.2, initially it worked perfectly but I wanted to update to a more recent version of Android so on another...
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    Help Angry birds star wars

    Has anyone been able to play Angry birds Star Wars on there superpad 3 ?? I can install but the game just closes before loading. Any idea's Russ.
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    A/C Charger Flytouch 3 2.2

    Flytouch 3 Android 2.2.(Disco model) Build FRF85B .a little over a year ago, I had bought this Flytouch 3 from China Grabber...about 6 months ago, I gave it to my grandson..He says the battery is dead and believes it to be a bad wall charger..Been looking all over for a place that sells them and...
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    Help flytouch III

    hello, i hope someone could help. i have looked through the forun but and getting quite confused. i got my son one of these last christmas, he hardly everuses it as he struggles to get on android market, it wont pick up his sd card and when we attach it to the laptop to put some books onto the...
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    hello flytouch world

    Hi, I'm a (not so) proud owner of a Flytouch superpad III since 5 days :-). I buyed it form ebay It's a little piece of rubbish, but I love it :-) I payed it 119 Euro , I'm from italy. After two days the charger died, I've to put another 25 Euro ina universal charger. I'm able to...
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    Help "your video rental has expired" on ALL Youtube videos

    My SuperPAD gives me this message every time when I try to play any youtube video. I'd like to know how to make it play these free videos without any questions.
  11. J

    Help Cannot get shot of google account "FT3"

    I have tried everything to reset my Genuine flytouch 3, i am running tim6a since its release, now i want to sell the thing on but cannot get my Google account details (email) off of it, in application list there is no "privacy" tag so cannot go that way, i have tried downgrading tim6 to 5/4/3...
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    Help Superpad II help

    Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I think this is the place for my tablet, I have a superpad II and am having a lot of trouble with it, I was trying to reset everything after getting a process error and now things seem to be royally messed up, I just pressed the "reset" button but my...
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    Help Help: Which Flytouch is this?

    I got a tablet from here and am not sure if it is Flytouch III. I did a bit of research, and all it did was make me more confused. It came with Android 2.3, but it appears from what I looked up that the Flytouch III has 2.2. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I searched the forum and...
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    Help Mirrored photos on Superpad 6

    I recently bought a Flytouch 6 that came in a box branded SuperPAD VI. Armed with an atrocious User's Guide that was not even in reasonable Chinglish I have figured most issues out except getting the text to speach working, which I think I can solve. Most importantly I can not solve the camera...
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    Help Google Play apk

    does any one know if I install the new Google Play app on my Flytouch will it work and will I get access to more apps than with the standard market app.
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    Help "An error was ecountered on your SD card" -Winamp

    i had tim 6a on my FT3 and everything was fine, i could use winamp perfectly all day long. but all of the sudden it stop detecting my mp3's so it would only detect the music on the local disk but not on the sdcard1, aaalso i downgraded to the original firmware version and it work perfectly...
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    Help need help identifying this tablet

    Please help me identify this tablet i desparately need a ad hoc service added to it soi can hot spot off my phone in my car in the about phone area Model Number MID android version 2.3 Baseband version unknown kernel version root@zjd #7 build number MID-userdebug...
  18. K

    Help big problem

    Hi guys I have a new Superpad 6 (android 4.0.3 )When powering the unit on the screen will show the TURSION logo then still flash to the android text long time i try reset tab but still problem ...plz hlp me
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    Flytouch Superpad 7 usb problem

    Hi, gang I am having a problem connecting via usb from my Superpad 7 Flytouch to my Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit pc. I have looked on google and most link say it is drivers missing from windows. All the links that i found to driver downloads seem to be scam ones and do not download. Hopefully...
  20. V

    Help gscript lite issue

    Ok, i was using the tablet to download some games for kids & a # appeared on the top bar & said they was a su binary updater & updated it to 3.1.1 & now my gscripts no longer work. I uninstalled gscript & reinstalled but now the list of scripts have gone & i dont want to reflash as i just made...
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    Root Overclocking Help.

    Trying to push my cpu passed 791mhz that my superpad 2, flytouch 3 currently runs at, but every time i try a took, nothing seems to be happening. I used 1 tool that used to push my speed up to 812mhz on Tims 5e but now im on the latest 6a & it wont. Here is the report. Android release: 2.2...
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    Root Installing APK files

    Ok, i have been unable to get angry birds anymore as it says incompatible app. So i got the apk dev app for chrome & downloaded the apk file + another i know i can get via the play market on tablet & put them onto my sd card. I opened file manager & other apk installers & it always gives me an...
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    Root Basic Rom?

    Edited because i didnt make sense.. Is there a way to slim down the rom of useless stuff i dont need/want & a ability to install apps from SD card & remove the entire requirement of the internet for the device. The tab is for the kids so they can watch whatever they want from the Micro SD card...
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    Help "flytouch 6"

    hi guys my cousins tablet broke down and there is small chip that was smoking when plugged in (its burned down) and i cant see what kind of chip it is (numbers) if anyone can can you please tell me what kind of chip that is. sry for my english.
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    Help help please flytoych 4

    please i want to upgrade this tablet Flytouch 4 touch tablet with sim card support 3G phone call i want new rom including arabic good model no android tab 10 android version v2.2 kernel version root@jackie-desktop #259 build number FRF85B...