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Root For those that swap roms a lot

How are you getting your settings back without redoing them manually? Settings being sound profiles, ringtones, scenes, ect.. Things along that nature. It seems like it would be a hassle to redo those every time you swap roms.

I believe when you sync w/ google, it will also sync your settings. Outside of that you can back everything up w/ TB. Keep in mind that you may run into some issues if you back everything up (system settings) on one ROM and try to restore everything onto another ROM.
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I don't really back up much when I switch. I use "SMS Backup and Restore" on the market to back up my texts. I use "Applist Backup" to save a list of my apps, so all I have to do is backup the list (it saves on the SD card) and then when I load up my new rom, I just go to the market, download Applist Backup and restore from that. It will just download from the market. I would rather do that than mess with Titanium and having to install apps one at a time (I'm too cheap for the full version). But yeah, I never mess with scenes or profiles or anything like that. I just have a preferred ringer and set a couple notification sounds. Doesn't take very long.
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