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Help Force Front Panel use with Phone Open


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  • Nov 17, 2009
    Manchester, Tennessee
    This is probably a niche use, but I'm sure there are other users who can think of plenty of circumstances where in they might want to use the front panel to do things and not just rely on the main display.

    I make videos - some are video reviews and others are for our VFW Post. So I don't have to memorize everything I'm going to say, I smooth my script in Word and import it into an app called Nano Teleprompter. This overlays the camera app with my script on a transparent background - I can adjust the scrolling speed, among many other features.

    The problem I'm experiencing with the Fold devices is that I'm stuck using the main display's camera, which can't compare with the rear cameras. I could shoot the video with the front camera, and that's an improvement... but I'd rather use the teleprompter app on the front display and record video with the rear cameras. That means forcing the phone to use the front panel with the phone open.

    Is there a way to do this? Does anyone here know of some obscure setting in developer options that would allow this?
    ok i had to work out what you are trying to do...i think i got it now.

    there is a setting called "cover screen preview"

    it turns the front panel on and use the rear cameras at the same time.....not sure if that is what you are asking for. i only found this icon when the phone is unfolded on its side.
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    That won't work, @ocnbrze but I appreciate the idea. That's great if I use the camera app: but I'm not. I'm using the TelePrompter app, which will automatically open the camera app once I press START. Problem is, if I then go to the front cover preview, the teleprompter is still on the main display!

    My only solution has been to use the front panel camera and do everything from there. If I start everything on the front panel and then open the phone, everything naturally moves to the main panel. So I guess I'm stuck using the front panel camera for my videos.
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