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Foxfi, Galaxy S, Cspire, Personal Hotspot


Apr 19, 2012
I have upgraded my operating system to 2.2, downloaded Foxfi and tried to use it as a personal hotspot. It seems to come up alright but when you try to connect to it from another device it says the internet is not found. On my windows 7 laptop it says something about an invalid IP address and shows 'limited access' on the task bar.

I am surprised there is so little information regarding this problem using a google search.

I have tried everything I have found so far including rebooting the phone and adding to the settings/wifi/advanced/gateway. I wonder if I check 'static IP' and enter my Ip address if that will help.

I read a lot of postive results with this unrooted app and am a little frustrated with not being able to get it to work.

I also wonder if Cspire has blocked it somehow.

Thanks for your thoughts
it is my understanding that Cspire is not allowing Wifi/hotspot to be accessed. i have tried to root my phone and bricked it b/c of them being a regional carrier and there being no files avail. for the "rooting" process to achive the ability to use that option. i have been on the phone with their techs even. they have not said if they will EVER let us have mobile hotspot capabilities. hope this helps.
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I got the idea to do it from a friend that is on Cspire but has an Iphone. When I asked him about it this was his response.

"Yeah I went to Settings, network, then turned hot spot on... After that personal hotspot appears in your settings menu. Once you do that you can either use it as a wireless hotspot or tethered with you USB cable."

At no additional cost?

"On my plan it is not. I have unlimited data. "
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